Just a brief overview, what should be done or is done. Sooner or later should be all weapon models replaced by own models.

  • grenade model DONE by NiGi
  • railgun model (WIP NiGi)
  • A new CTF flag. WIP: **HD
  • A new flag spot. OpenArenas maps tend to use a octagonal prism for it (e.g. oasago2), i would like to have a model for it. (NiGi ?)
  • New rocket launcher / grenade launcher explosions and new fire animations for sfx/b_flame et cetera. I put it into the models section, since this can be done using the new fire system introduced in blender 2.5 (The current rl / gl explosions are done this way, but they are not really good, should be redone).
  • New red / yellow armor model. WIP: **HD

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