cvar defauft value recommended description
g_aftershockPhysic 0 0 1 enables aftershock physic with doublejump, slides and faster weapon switchs.
g_allowKill 1 1 Enables/disables /kill command
g_allowRespawnTimer 0 0 1:Enables item respawn timers. Still bugged (rev 108), please disable them in CTF. See also List of known bugs
g_autoready 0 0 Values bigger than 0 will activate autoready, i.e. begin of the game in seconds (g_autoready <seconds>), even if not all players are ready.
g_delagProjectiles 2 100 0: no projectile nudge

1: 50ms nudge 2: serverlag nudge >2: nudge per ping (maximal nudge is g_delagProjectiles)

g_disableSpecs 0 0 Serverside var to disable spectators for league or ladder games. Spectators will just see the scoreboard and public chat.
g_disableVotingTime 0 10 Disables callvotes during the first <seconds> of a map.
g_extrapolateFrames 2 2 Sets the maximum of serverframes a lagging client is interpolated by the server.
g_fadeToBlack 0 1 Screen of dead players fades to black
g_friendlyFire 0 0 Accepts float values 0.0 ... 1.0 now.
g_friendsThroughWalls 0 1 1 enables to see the team triangle of team mates through walls.
g_itemDrop 1 3 Bitmask to allow item drop:

1: flag

2: weapons

4: ammo

8: health

16: armor

g_mapcycle Path to mapcycle. See also mapcycles
g_muteSpec 0 0 1: Spectators are muted in team games.
g_newItemHeight 1 1 1: Enables new item height. You cannot jump over items anymore without picking them up.
g_reduceLightningDamage 1 1 Reduces the lightning gun damage from 8 to 7.
g_reduceRailDamage 1 1 Reduces the rail gun damage from 100 to 80.
g_refPassword Defines the referee password. See also Referee system
g_spawnProtection 0 0 <seconds> of spawn protection
g_startWhenReady 1 1

0: off

1: start when half of the players are ready

2: start when all players are ready

3: only refs can set players ready

g_statsPath serverstats/ (?) Set the path for g_writeStats
g_teamLock 0 0 0 : no team lock possible

1 : players and referees can lock and unlock teams with the commands lock / unlock

2: only referees can lock and unlock teams

g_timeoutAllowed 1 1 Enables the /timeout command for clients.
g_timeoutTime 60000 60000 Timeout time in milli-seconds
g_useMapcycle 0 1 Enables/disables mapcycles. See also mapcycles
g_writeStats 1 1 1: Enables the writing of serverside statistic files

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