AfterShock 0.1 TODOEdit

Standalone or a mod for openarena. Release: mid 2011 - 2012

  • serverside multiview demos - WIP
  • mapcycle support - DONE
  • customizable huds - DONE
  • ingame menu
  • redo weapon-models - WIP
  • new announcer - WIP
  • referee system - DONE
  • enemy/teammodels and brightskins - DONE
  • client/server-statsfiles - DONE
  • new rewards - WIP
  • increase performance - WIP
  • replace some textures - WIP
  • redo weaponeffects - WIP

AfterShock 0.2 TODOEdit

Official standalone release. Release: 2012-2013.

  • ioAfterShock with vbo support and better lightning
  • maps
  • replace most of the textures
  • add more playermodels( we need ~6 stock models )
  • remove bad playermodels and redo playersounds
  • map overview for spectators (CS style)
  • catch the chicken
  • cylindric hitboxes

Ideas and suggestionsEdit

If you have any suggestions or ideas you can post a comment here or write them down in irc: #aftershock in quakenet.

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